Poetry in Journals

Here's a list of poems that I've published in journals

"Needles," RipRap

"Haibun: Stopover in Bend," Barely South Review

"Car Culture," Progenitor

"Five Phrases from Sontag's 'Anthropologist as Hero" and "Variations on a Theme from North by Northwest," Chariton Review

"Across the Great Divide," "Desert Crossing," and "Gallup, 1950," Southwestern American Literature

"Waking Early in a Cold House," Cooweescowee

"Insomnia and The Critique of Pure Reason," Confrontation

"Tractor, Baler, Old Man," Tar River Poetry

"Hopperesque," Nimrod

"Starlight," Naugatuck River Review

"Crossing Flagstaff," The Sow's Ear Poetry Review

"Her Last Wish," Tule Review

"Sestina for Solomon Grundy" and "Exhibition: Early Maps of the Americas," Coe Review

"Reaganomics: A Memoir" and "Song in Rainy Season," Welter

"Minor Incidents of War," War, Literature, and the Arts

"Variations on a Theme from an Advertising Flyer," Mudlark

"Haibun: Bashō's Last Journey," Portland Review

"Hopi House," Progenitor

"Midnight Oil, Bangkok" and "Hard Luck in Bangkok," Superstition Review

"Pop Runs Out of Gas and Mom Says I Told You So," El Portal

Visiting the Asylum“ and “Broken Main,“ Burningword Literary Journal

“Double-A Pitching Change,“ Worcester Review

“Thinking of Du Fu Before the Start of a Journey,“ Chicago Quarterly Review

Weeding the Flowerbed“ IthacaLit

Su Sung's Heavenly Clockwork“ Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

Troubled Sleep“ Chaffey Review

Elegy: One Year Since He Died“ Tar River Poetry

Winter Work“ Tar River Poetry

The Chernobyl Exclusion ZoneContrary

“Escape West“ and “Vamos“ Southwestern American Literature

Bangkok of the MindLowestoft Chronicle

Havana, 1956: A Noir SestinaShenandoah

“Trailer Park” New Madrid

“The Desert Mirage” High Plains Journal

Dead End in IstanbulValparaiso Poetry Review

Reel Life” and “American JourneyPerihelion 

St. Ambrose’s Boarding SchoolValparaiso Poetry Review


Stark Hung Over in Belize” and “U.S. 772RiverView  

“Border Town” Clackamas Literary Review

“Tropical Litotes” Tar River Poetry

“Shore Leave in Monsoon Season” Mangrove

“Flotsam and Jetsam” San Fernando Poetry Journal

“Meeting Minos” Poetpourri

“The Farmer’s Ghost” and “Spartans” Trestle Creek Review

“Over the Andes” and “I–10” Exit 13

“Third World Roads” Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

“The Pharmacy of God” Malcolm Lowry Review